5 Stress-Relieving Essential Oils

Sunday, April 01, 2018

Whether it comes from major life changes or struggling to balance family and work schedules, everyone experiences stress in their lives. Stress can feel like a powerful force on your life, but there are a number of natural stress relieving essential oils that can help bring your mind, body and spirit back to balance. Invite yourself to heal and breathe in the medicinal goodness of five of our favorite mood modifiers.  

Scent: Fresh, delicately sweet and woody.
Mood/mind effect: Calming and balancing in times of stress.

Scent: Herbal and floral.
Mood/mind effect: Relaxing and balancing on both mind and body.

Scent: Robust, woody and earthy.
Mood/mind effect: Tranquil, grounding and centering.
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Scent: Woody and evergreen.
Mood/mind effect: Stimulates and refreshes the mind.

Scent: Fresh and leafy.
Mood/mind effect: Balances out emotions and moods.
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