Wellness in the Workplace: Why It's Important & Tips on Creating Your Wellness Space

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Guest post by India Martin, Aromatherapy Associates Work Wellbeing Ambassador

Over the past 5 years, there has been an increased trend in the number of corporate entities that are focused on the health and wellness of employees. The first iteration were on site gyms, followed by massage capabilities and even salons. While all of these are an indication around the evolution of workplace wellness, the new trend that is emerging is related to supporting the trifecta of mind, body, and soul.

If you consider that 58% of Americans say work is a significant driver of stress and occupational stress, that is absenteeism, illness and lost productivity cost employers over $300 billion dollars per year, it is no wonder that corporate entities are waking up to the need for preventative measures as it relates to the health and wellbeing of staff.

Companies are turning to mindfulness, meditation, and yoga to soothe a workforce who are feeling the effects of technological pace and change. Self-care is at the tip of everyone’s lips yet the “time” to focus on it is diminishing with each email, work meeting or personal commitment. Bringing wellness to the place where people spend most of their working hours is a smart company’s piece de resistance. Meditation spaces, mindfulness, and yoga classes are now commonly offered to ease stress. Not only do these practices support the effects of physical and mental fatigue but they also increase productivity and performance by providing staff the space to get clear and rested. Increases in productivity lead to increases in revenue. So, though the ultimate goal is ensuring a healthy productive workforce, the business benefits as it relates to value are becoming clearer.

The responsibility for self-care shouldn’t just be the responsibility of the corporation. There are things that we can do in our daily home and work lives to support our health. In a world where wellness products are becoming the norm, making good product choices is imperative. Essential oils play a big part in supporting the health of your immune system, easing muscle discomfort, aiding detoxification, relaxation and so much more. Using these products on your pulse points is another way of taking a moment to relieve stress during the working day. The act of application alone reminds us that self-care is the key to wellbeing. Consciously engaging all of the senses and being present in everything that we do changes our wellness trajectory. So, if your company does not have a wellness space, create that space wherever you are.

Be still. Be intentional. Be well.

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