5 Steps to Summer-Ready Legs

Monday, July 17, 2017

As temperatures rise, it’s time to focus on your two best summer accessories. We’ve put together a guide to polishing, hydrating and protecting your legs for a season in the sun. Below, a guide to flawless limbs that will give you your best summer legs ever:

  • Tackle cellulite
    Cellulite is caused by fat deposits just below the surface of our skin, causing the skin’s surface to appear dimply and uneven. The ultimate treatment for getting rid of cellulite? Dry body brushing. Use the Polishing Body Brush daily in sweeping motions towards your heart to stimulate the lymphatic system and encourage blood flow. Follow your dry brushing ritual with the Revive Body Gel to even out your skin’s texture and maintain a healthy micro-circulation – a must for maintaining youthful skin long term. 
  • Moisturize
    Ensure your legs are in the best condition with plenty of hydration. We suggest using our layer-locking technique in your daily routine. Start by applying a Body Gel, follow with a lightweight, dry Body Oil and finish with a Body Butter or Cream.
  • Protect your assets
    The most common area for melanoma in women is the leg. Always apply sunscreen with a high SPF to lessen your risk of skin cancer, but to also prevent photo damage (dark/sun spots), dilated capillaries and crepey skin.

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